Number one: We must stop with the complicity of not taking officers off the force that have had a civil lawsuit against them. We must elect leaders that will not be complicit with racism and the status quo. On May 1st, 2020 Said Joquin was murdered by an LPD officer, the civil case is currently still open, leaving the family with justice delayed and denied. I want the public to know that this officer has been in a previous civil lawsuit that lead to the death of Leonard Thomas and the family dog. We must demand our current city council not allow officers that are dangerous and a liability to continue to serve on our Lakewood Police Department.

"The settlement in the racially charged case leaves in place the July 2017 unanimous verdict by a jury in U.S. District Court in Seattle finding Lakewood, Fife and members of the Pierce County Metro SWAT team committed 14 separate civil-rights violations that night, including illegal seizure and use of excessive force. The verdict came after a three-week trial and four days of deliberations."
Number 2: We must unite and fight against the real illness, racism. 

A few city council members continuously speak in racist tones and the rest are complicit. In the Lakewood 311 app, anyone can go read the racist false history of Lakewood. If you are European and believe America belongs to you then you are racist. 

I believe the history of Lakewood should be written by the Native American Tribes that have been here for 10,000 years. If I am elected I will ask for tribal consent for every vote. 
Number 3: Tribal Consent is key to keeping our lands and Indigenous people safe.  

What the current City Council believes: Our current city council does not ask for Tribal Consent.

I believe, in my Motherland that we should respect our Indigenous elders and listen to what they have to say. The are filled with knowledge from our creator. Stop trying to erase us, we are still here. 
Number 4: Equity means that all government jobs should be filled like the demographics of the city. 

The current Lakewood City Council believes that creating a statement about equity is good enough to be called equitable. They do not tolerate the intolerable.  
I believe that equity means every government entity should be employed according to demographics in the city. In other words the Lakewood Police Department should be only 50 percent White instead it is currently 90 percent White. Now imagine the demographics of government jobs throughout Lakewood.
Number 5: Family time is sacred time, so living in a city of lakes one would think there would be places for families to go fishing. 

What the current City Council believes: Council Member Whalen says that the community has Edgewater Park for public use. 

I believe, in my Motherland that the city should build a fishing doc on every lake of our city. This would give every family the opportunity to enjoy the things only the wealthy get to enjoy right now. My family purchased a house one block away Steilacoom Lake thinking we would have lake access to take my family fishing. When you go to Edgewater Park you instantly see a sliver of grass with a lot of over growth. All along the road are signs that say no parking. The boat ramp is so steep, it is not safe. 
Number 6: No park should be named after murders and rapists of Native Americans. 
What the Lakewood City Council currently believes: They believe in their park name and preserving old European remnants like barns. They believe that letting Native Americans put art up in the park is equity. 
I believe that Fort Steilacoom Park should be renamed after the Chief they unlawfully hung, Chief Leschi Park and Recreation. Right now Chief Leschi is remembered with a broken ineligible monument located in the middle of Thunderbird Shopping Center on Steilacoom Rd. We should build a Native American Style recreation center for the less fortunate children in our area. 
Number 7: The working class residents should be more respected and appreciated, especially during this pandemic. 
The City Council believes that our Grocery workers do not deserve $4 more and hour for hazardous pay in Lakewood although Pierce County Council considers these changes for incorporated and unincorporated Pierce County. 
I believe that all servicing workers should have gotten hazardous pay during the whole pandemic, they are literally putting their lives and their families on the line everyday to service our community. 
Number 8: Adults in Lakewood should have venues where we can dance and drink in order to build lasting relationships with our community.
The current city council believes that night clubs should not be allowed because people don't know how to behave. They also have a rule at Edgewater park against loud music. These people are living in the footloose days and its time to fight for our right to pursue our happiness.

We should have at least one night club for each of the following, including but not limited to Latino, European, Asian, and Black. It is our right to enjoy each others company and it the responsibility of the city council to give US what we deserve as working class that services our community.

Number 9: Each person should take care of their own house. 

The Lakewood City Council members as of today believe and implement  "giving our funding for homelessness to Tacoma which they believe forces the homeless to leave Lakewood."

I believe we should build a tiny house village for those who are in need of shelter during these troubled times, not in the hood but next to the wealthy who live in a safer environments. 
Number 10: Racist individuals have purposefully not allowed Tillicum and Lakewood residents to be connected through a different avenue besides I-5. Currently there is street accessibility from Tillicum to Lakewood, but only for the gated community members in that area. You must have a code to get through a gate that proceeds to Tillicum. 

The current city council believes in beautifying the JBLM corridors instead of making Tillicum accessible to Lakewood for everyone not just the few that live in a gated community. 

I believe that we should have public access to get from Lakewood to Tillicum. This would allow another exit for Tillicum residents. Currently the only way in or out of Tillicum is I-5. This street should be public access in case of an emergency and I-5 is shutdown. 
Laura Fielding Thank you!
Laura Fielding Thank you!
We will never stop fighting for Universal Healthcare!!
We will never stop fighting for Universal Healthcare!!
Strong Women!!
Strong Women!!
Number 11: We will never stop fighting for Universal Healthcare, let us unite and get I-362 on the ballot!!

Currently the Lakewood City Council strives to keep the status quo! 

Healthcare is a Human Right!! Come see me to sign for Universal Healthcare in WA state! 
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