Who am I? 
First I am a mother, a creator of life. As a Chicana, Native to this land, I am a Queen designed by my ancestors to  persevere and prosper. I am a Veteran of the United States Army, I served eight years for my country. 
Why am I running? 
I am running to make Lakewood anti-racist. Racism is a health crisis, we should no longer deal with racism in our city or our communities. Lets unite against the common enemy White Supremacy and classism. Together we can change our children's and grandchildren's future. 

Why should you vote for me? 
I want to see systematic change, equity, equality, and unity of all good willed Lakewood community members. Let us be the leaders of change. Most of all I want to know, hear, and listen to my community. Together we can see changes occur in Lakewood.